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How cool is it to be really funny? Well, it helps if you are hip and sexy, and have a humorous attitude. Yes, a sense of humor can be your best friend when you enter a club or bar where a rude crowd rules. No one is going to take you to a party and for sure no one will ask you along when they go to the beach.

Being single, being in college doesn’t help. And if you have a good job? If you are a hip-hop star? These offensives clods could care less. But, hey, if your t-shirt displays a unique design, something strange and naughty, you will begin to make a favorable impression.

Of course you don’t wear flimsy t-shirts that can make anyone look like a loser. You choose top of the line fabric only, pre-shrunk and double-stitched, up to the highest criteria of Zazzle and Cafe Press. In your choice of colors too. A shirt from Key Tees offers you all this plus a money-back guarantee that your satisfaction will be satisfied.

The same standards apply to our additional products, mugs, caps, hoodies, sweatshirts…. However and wherever you present this design, you will get their attention.

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